but I'm still a kid at heart. I sleep with a night-light on and occasionally, I need a bedtime story like Peter Pan or The Cat In The Hat to help me sleep during sleepless nights. Arron Yan is my anchor.
I guess I'm pretty messed up, therefore, so is my blog. I sometimes blog at dayre.me/thatangelreneew

I'm a problematic child gone mad. I'm a Red Indian from the tribes of Narnia, I left WARDROBE in search of NEVERLAND.

HUFFLEPUFF: SpellFellicis12189

I’m sorry for the times I tried for her smile, for making her think I was worth the while. I’m sorry for sending her flowers and holding her hand. I’m sorry I fell through and was falling for her. I’m sorry that it came true. I’m sorry that I wanted her, sorry for holding her tight. I’m sorry for making her love me and saying goodbye, for being the one that taught her how to cry. It was love and it passed us by. I’m sorry for giving her everything that she dreamed, than taking it back when I fled the scene. I’m sorry for wasting her time. I’m so sorry that I hurt her. I’m sorry that it came true, but sorry doesn’t turn back time. For all that I have done to her, I wish I could make it right. An apology after all of this time, won’t make any difference tonight. But I’m hoping I’m Sorry will open her mind, to love in her life. 

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